What is spiked agua fresca?

What is spiked agua fresca?


Does La Michoacana sell horchata?

Horchata Water - La Michoacana Meat Market.

Does La Michoacana have agua fresca?

We are not limited to refreshing All Natural Aguas Frescas based on seasonal fruit, we also offer traditional Mexican snacks such as Esquites, Tostilocos and more.

What is Nieves de agua?

Nieve is a delicious Mexican water-based ice cream made with natural fruits and other fresh ingredients. ... Nieve is basically water-based ice cream made with natural fruits and other ingredients. It is fresh and fruity – perfect for the warm days, the cold days, the upset stomach, and the sore throat too.

What does Nieve de Garrafa mean?

Down in central Mexico, this style of frozen helado is super popular: It's called Nieve de Garrafa, which refers to the big wooden tub it's traditionally made in. ... But to make Nieve de Garrafa the old school way, you mix fruit with a basic mixture of sugar and water, and put it in a steel tub lined with ice and salt.

Is La Michoacana a chain?

La Michoacana is a group of different Mexican ice cream parlors, with an estimated 8 to 15 thousand locations in Mexico. The "chain" is an successful business model network of family-run businesses, no single company operates them as a formal franchise operation.

What is garrafa ice cream?

That style of ice cream is called nieve garrafa. Basically, it's a cylinder that is inside a wooden barrel and in between you have big chunks of ice and salt that are layered. And the garrafa is the cylinder. It's kind of like an old-fashioned churn, but it's not churned.

What's the rarest ice cream?

Scoopi's Black Diamond – $817 per scoop The most expensive of these is Scoopi's Black Diamond ice cream which is available for $817 per scoop. The basis of the ice cream is a simple Madagascar vanilla bean flavored ice cream. It costs so much because of the other ingredients added to this base.