What is ciroc good to mix with?

What is ciroc good to mix with?

*SALOON FAVORITE* Diddy UP (cocktail) -- 1/4oz Ciroc Vodka, 1/2oz Ruby Red Grapefruit syrup, 4oz Red Bull, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice (1 slice) // Combine Ciroc, grapefruit syrup and lime juice over ice. Top with Red Bull. Garnish with lime. ENJOY!

How do you make Ciroc vodka?

Production process The production method used for the vodka are "snap frost" grapes; Mauzac Blanc from the Gaillac region of France, and Ugni Blanc from the Cognac region. The juice extracted from these grapes is fermented. All vodkas are distilled; the manufacturers of Cîroc emphasize its being distilled five times.

What is a good mixer for white grape cîroc?


  • Add CÎROC White Grape Vodka, Pineapple juice, Cranberry juice, and Lemon juice into a pitcher filled with ice.
  • Stir.
  • Garnish with a lime wedge and pineapple triangle.

What does ciroc white grape taste like?

The sweet juicy grape entry is joined by orange building to a tropical fruit peak with pineapple, and honeydew melon. It fades with Juicy Fruit gum, banana and pineapple. The finish is sweet and smooth with gentile warmth, a hint of caramel and juicy white grape taste.

How much does a liter of Ciroc cost?

Ciroc Vodka Prices List
Ciroc Vodka750ml$26.

Which ciroc flavor is the best?

What flavors will you find on this list of the top types of Ciroc Vodka? Red Berry is made for mixing; Ciroc recommends combining it with a touch of mango vodka and champagne for a bubbly drink. Amaretto Ciroc is another delicious flavored vodka.

What tastes good with white Ciroc?

Add CÎROC White Grape Vodka, White Cranberry juice, lemon juice, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Does pineapple ciroc have real pineapple?

CIROC PINEAPPLE offers a juicy, perfectly ripened pineapple flavor with a subtle hint of vanilla and silky smooth finish. ... Made With Vodka Infused With Natural Pineapple And Other Natural Flavors.

Is ciroc pineapple sweet?

The vodka is then carefully infused with fresh, sweet pineapple, and a hint of other tropical fruit. Perfect served chilled, on the rocks or with a splash of orange juice.

Does coconut Ciroc have real coconut in it?

Distilled five times to ensure high quality, the spirit is masterfully infused with coconut and tropical fruit flavors, resulting in a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth. ...

How much is a bottle of Ciroc in Nigeria?

So what is the price of Ciroc? And how much does a carton of Ciroc vodka go for?
ProductSizeUnit Price (NGN)
Ciroc Blue1 Litre12,720
Ciroc Peach1 Litre15,600
Ciroc Coconut1 Litre15,600
Ciroc Pineapple1 Litre15,600

Which is the most expensive vodka?

Billionaire Vodka

What percentage of alcohol is in Ciroc?

35 percent

How much is the most expensive Ciroc?

Today, Cîroc offers an entire range of vodkas, from the classic Cîroc Premium Vodka—smooth and sleek—to the Cîroc Ten, the most expensive of the brand's offerings, only available as a one-litre bottle and costing around $250.

How many shots of Ciroc get you drunk?

For getting a little drunk, three shots of vodka are enough. If you continue to drink up to 8 to 9 shots, that's when they start getting more drunk. The upper cap for men is ten shots of vodka. Exceeding this, they will be extremely drunk.

Why is ciroc so expensive?

Ciroc is made from grapes, so it probably costs more like $2 US per quart to produce.

Where is 360 Vodka?

360 Vodka is the Official Vodka of the Kansas City Chiefs. 360 Vodka is a premium brand of McCormick Distilling Co. in Weston, Missouri. Founded in 1856 and home to the historic Holladay Distillery, McCormick Distilling Co. is the oldest business in the Kansas City area.

Where can I buy 360 Huckleberry Vodka?


Does 360 Huckleberry vodka have sugar?

Distiller Pro. 360 Vodka is "eco-friendly", their bottle is made from recycled glass, recycled paper, and printed using eco-friendly ink. ... This huckleberry-flavored vodka is made with natural flavors including sugar.

Is 360 vodka made from potatoes?

Made in Missouri using locally sourced corn, 360 Vodka is "eco-friendly" and gluten free. Their bottle is made from recycled glass, recycled paper, and printed using eco-friendly ink. Bottled at 40% ABV. Distilled from any agricultural product, most commonly grains or potatoes.