What goes well with elderflower tonic?

What goes well with elderflower tonic?

Soft, subtle flavours of freshly handpicked elderflower give a perfect balance to the tonic's natural quinine.

  • Gin.
  • Whisky.
  • Rum.
  • Vodka.

How do you use elderflower tonic?

Put 60ml gin and 2 tbsp St Germain elderflower liqueur (from most supermarkets; or use elderflower cordial) into a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice. Stir and strain into glasses. Top up with 200-250ml Fever-Tree elderflower tonic. Serve with a sprig of fresh herbs.

Is it OK to drink tonic water with quinine?

Quinine, when found in small doses in tonic water, is safe to consume. The first tonic waters contained powdered quinine, sugar, and soda water. Tonic water has since become a common mixer with liquor, the most well-known combination being gin and tonic.

What is a substitute for quinine?

Naftidrofuryl is an effective alternative to quinine in the treatment of this painful condition.

Is quinine still banned?

Although quinine will still remain a prescription medicine for malaria, the feds will discourage physicians from prescribing it for leg cramps. The problem is that quinine can cause serious side effects, including a life-threatening anemia.

What is the best substitute for tonic?

lemon-lime soda

Which tonic water has the most quinine?

Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water The highest quality quinine was sourced from the Rwanda Congo border and blended with spring water and eight botanical flavors, including rare ingredients such as marigold extracts and a bitter orange from Tanzania.

What's the best tonic for gin?

Best Tonic for Gin 2020

  • Best Tonic Water Overall: Fever Tree Light Tonic Water.
  • Best Flavored Tonic Water: Regatta Dry Citrus Sparkling Tonic.
  • Best Tonic Syrup: Timberline Tonic Syrup.
  • Best Bitter Lemon: Red Bull Bitter Lemon.
  • Best Zero Calorie Tonic: East End Tonic.

Are gin and tonics fattening?

A shot of gin has just 100 calories, so when paired with a low-cal mixer such as tonic water and given a twist of lime, this classic cocktail is a healthy choice at just 135 calories. To save even more calories, pair with club soda instead.

Does gin help inflammation?

Conclusions: Both wine and gin showed anti-inflammatory effects by reducing plasma fibrinogen and IL-1alpha levels.