Can I use regular sugar instead of confectioners?

Can I use regular sugar instead of confectioners?

Because of its finer texture, confectioners' sugar is ideally suited for use in icings, which would be slightly grainy when made with granulated sugar. Confectioners' sugar weighs less per cup; substitute 1 3/4 cup for every cup of granulated sugar called for.

Can you use confectioners sugar instead of granulated sugar in coffee?

You may find dissolving the powdered sugar in a tiny, tiny amount of boiling hot water lets you turn the dust-like powder to a paste, which will then dissolve in the coffee. There is usually some starch in it but should work fine. ... Yes, powder sugar is just normal sugar that's very fine.

Can brown sugar be used in coffee?

You can absolutely use brown sugar in coffee instead of white sugar(there are other sweeteners too, like maple syrup and honey). ... If you add too much sugar(brown or otherwise), you'll just end up tasting the sugar and nothing else.

Can I add powdered sugar to tea?

I wouldn't use powdered sugar to make sweet tea because it contains corn starch. In a pinch, you could use it to sweeten tea that you're going to drink immediately, but a large batch could become cloudy from the starch. No need to add sugar to your tea. Refine sugar is hazardous to our health.