Why are my eggplant turning green?

Why are my eggplant turning green?

Overripe Eggplants Change Color Another reason your eggplants can turn green is if they're left on the vine too long. When they become mature, the eggplants change from deep purple to bronze colored. While this is happening, they can go through a stage when they're a dull, olive green color.

What happens if you eat unripe eggplant?

An unripe eggplant is going to be hard and have more solarine which apparently some people react to. ... If you use it in eggplant parmesan and it is tough, the dish will be inedible. If you use it in a vegetable stew, chewiness won't kill the whole dish.

Is my eggplant too ripe?

A glossy coating on the fruit is a sign of readiness. Dull coatings or seeds that have turned brown indicate overripe fruits. Eggplants should be picked as soon as they are ripe, with slightly immature fruits tasting best. One of the easiest ways to determine if they are ripe is to gently squeeze the eggplant.

Is unripe eggplant bitter?

Let's get one thing straight right from the start: Eggplants are not bitter (even though they have every right to be after everything that has been said about them). At least, they are no more bitter than a green bell pepper or a green apple, or the tannic skin of a fresh walnut.

Why is eggplant so expensive?

Eggplant, like other kinds of produce, can indeed be costly. Fruits and veggies can be expensive due to seasons, shortages, and the fact that they just go bad rapidly.

Why is my home grown eggplant bitter?

A. The bitter fruit is caused by plant stress and subsequent slow growth stimulated by hot, dry weather. The brown area is caused by sun scalding. If the scalding is not too severe, it can be removed and the eggplant eaten.