Can I use granulated sugar instead of powdered sugar for glaze?

Can I use granulated sugar instead of powdered sugar for glaze?

Can I use regular sugar instead of confectioner's sugar? Regular, granulated sugar doesn't dissolve in the same way as powdered sugar, so it won't work as a substitute unless you grind it into confectioner's sugar yourself.

What can I use instead of granulated sugar?

To replace 1 cup of granulated sugar, use: – 1-1/3 cup molasses (not blackstrap) + 1 teaspoon baking soda (Reduce one of the other liquids in the recipe by 1/3 cup, or add 1/3 cup flour, if there aren't any other liquids.

Can white sugar replace brown sugar?

Plain white sugar. When all else fails, you can replace brown sugar with an even measurement of granulated white sugar without fear of ruining your recipe. White sugar lacks the same rich flavor that brown sugar adds, but depending on the type of recipe, you may not notice much flavor change at all.

How can I thicken icing sugar?

To thicken your royal icing, add more sifted powdered sugar—a couple tablespoons at a time—until the icing reaches your desired consistency. If you want to thicken your royal icing without adding additional sugar, you can add a very small amount of corn starch (around ½ teaspoon), which will help your icing thicken up.

Does icing sugar set hard?

Glace Icing is smooth, runny and glossy and is ideal for sponges, fairy cakes, biscuits, cookies and finger buns. It sets hard and so it also makes an ideal edible glue (for those fiddly Gingerbread Houses).