What spices do I need to make pho?

What spices do I need to make pho?

Spices: There are 5 important spices in pho broth — star anise, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, and coriander seeds. I really recommend using the whole (not ground) spices if possible, which we will briefly toast to bring out extra flavor.

What kind of cardamom is used for pho?

Chinese black cardamom (thảo quả in Vietnamese) can challenge with its smoky, woodsy, menthol-like qualities but some say it's the signature pho flavor.

Is Pho peanut free?

Pho does not usually contain peanuts. It's also possible the meat could be cooked in peanut oil. However, it's usually fine for someone with a peanut allergy to eat pho. Just make sure that they don't add the peanut garnish or use peanut products for cooking or in the broth. ... It's also peanut and peanut product free!

What is Udon flavor?

It is a thick, wheat-based noodle, usually served in a mildly flavored broth, seasoned with soy sauce. The soup has a mild flavor and it contains dried seaweed, tempura, and fish cakes. The Udon Noodle Cup is perfect for anyone who prefers a non-spicy noodle dish.

Which Udon is best?

Best udon noodles - Buying Guide

  • Hime Dried Udon Noodles, 28.

    What type of udon is best?

    Sanuki udon is one of the most famous varieties of udon in Japan. Originally from Kagawa Prefecture (previously known as Sanuki Prefecture) in Shikoku, it is the uniquely firm, chewy texture of Sanuki udon that makes it so popular.