How many S mores can Kora make if she has 20 graham crackers?

How many S mores can Kora make if she has 20 graham crackers?

20 s

What are S mores called in England?

You always want 'some more' hence the name. We've recently taken up camping in the UK and have purchased all the necessary gear. I wanted to carry on the tradition of Smores with my daughter but became a bit unstuck when it came to sourcing Graham Crackers.

Are there smores in England?

Yes, the prevalent brand in the UK seems to be Nabisco Graham Crackers available from Ocado, Tesco and Amazon. ... A bit thicker than a Graham Cracker but just as tasty and goes better with a cup of tea which is a must when camping. So the ingredients list for British S'mores is: Large marshmallows.

Do the British eat's mores?

The marshmallow will start to melt the chocolate and the result should be a delicious albeit gooey mess. People make many different variations of s'mores using different types of cookies/biscuits and chocolates, so you could try this in the UK using whichever biscuits and chocolate you prefer.

Where can I buy graham crackers in the UK?

Graham Crackers are available from the following UK Online stores: Amazon. eBay. American Sweets....Sadly, and we have checked quite a bit, Graham Crackers are NOT available in the major UK supermarkets including:

  1. Tesco.
  2. Ocado.
  3. Sainsbury.
  4. Waitrose.
  5. Asda.

Can I use Marie biscuits instead of graham crackers?

Plain whole wheat flour can also be used as a substitute, but the resulting texture would be different from that of graham flour. Substitutions: Substitute with plain cookie such as vanilla wafers, shortbread, ginger snaps, Marie biscuits, digestive biscuits (British) by Mcvitie's.