What is the key of simple man?

What is the key of simple man?

A minor

When did simple man come out?


Why did Shinedown cover simple man?

The band's first hit was a cover of the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic “Simple Man,” but fans familiar with that shouldn't plan on hearing it from the band anytime soon. The band talked about how the idea to do the song came about and the tie-in for it to be a tribute to the late Dimebag Darrell.

What album is simple man on Shinedown?

Leave a Whisper

What year did Shinedown cover simple man?


What is Shinedowns biggest hit?

Second Chance

Who is the lead singer for Shinedown?

Brent Smith

Does Brent Smith have a son?

Lyric Santana Smith

Is shinedown religious?

And while Smith and Myers knock back suggestions that Shinedown are a 'Christian band', their religious beliefs and the idea of family play a central role in what they do. Theirs isn't a world of groupies and promiscuity. ... These days, he's based in California while his son lives in Florida (where the band were formed).

Does shinedown swear?

Cursing is nothing new in rock n' roll, but for Shinedown it is. ... He doesn't cuss just to cuss; he doesn't want to put it in songs just to put it in songs. That's why you haven't heard it on Shinedown records. For some reason this time he had to get it out, so he did.”

Why did Shinedown break up?

They decided to officially release it this past March to raise money for Direct Relief, which is supplying personal protective equipment to healthcare workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In a statement, Smith says he and his band mates are "beyond humbled" by the success of "Atlas Falls."

Is Brent from Shinedown married?

Brent Smith Net Worth 2021, Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Wiki and Career Details
Real Name/Full NameBrent Steven Brent Smith
Girlfriend:Ashley Smith Marshall (mother to his son), Teresa Colliar
Wife/Spouse Name:Unknown
Kids/Children Name:Yes (Lyric Santana Smith)
Profession:Musician, songwriter, singer