What were the three gifts baby Jesus received from the Three Wise Men?

What were the three gifts baby Jesus received from the Three Wise Men?

The wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to the newborn king. Gold, of course, was valuable as currency. Frankincense is a valuable perfume. Myrrh is a precious ointment often used in the burial process.

What traditional food families eat on Día de Reyes?

Much like the traditional milk and cookies for Santa Claus and his reindeer, Spanish children often set out plates of food or sweets for los Reyes. The camels also receive dried grass or hay from the traditionalists, or milk and bread if those aren't handy!

What food do you eat on Three Kings Day?

What do they eat on Three Kings Day? A traditional Three Kings Day meal consists of a starter of soup or salad, a main course of picadillo meat with rice and beans (though some families exchange beans for corn or peas), and a King's cake for dessert.

What is Santa called in Spain?

los reyes magos

How is Christmas different in Mexico than us?

While both countries regard December 25th as the observed date of the event, Mexican Christians focus their celebration on the evening before, December 24th. Christmas Eve in America is still respected as a holy day, but contemporary Christians usually spend this day in preparation for the next.

Is Feliz Navidad Spanish or Mexican?

Feliz Navidad is a Spanish phrase meaning "Happy Christmas" or "Merry Christmas".