How do I get rid of egg whites?

How do I get rid of egg whites?

4 Other Methods for Separating Eggs Whites and Yolks

  1. Crack the egg cleanly and evenly across the fattest part of the shell.
  2. Break the shell into two even halves over a bowl.
  3. Transfer the yolk from one shell to the other, tilting the eggs back and forth and allowing the white to drip out of the shells and into the bowl.

What can I do with leftover egg wash?

Of course you can. you can save the bread crumbs and freeze it in a ziplock bag if you wish. the egg mixture you can fry it up like normal eggs or just toss it. I wouldn't feel comfortable freezing and re-using the breadcrumbs later only because they were in contact with chicken and egg.

Can you cook your egg wash?

Safety wise, as long as it's been cooked at a sufficient temperature for a sufficient time. On the plus side the chicken won't be in contact with the egg long and also one would assume the egg would be cooked immediately afterwards.

What do you do with unused flour egg wash and bread crumbs for breading chicken?

The bacteria in the chicken will contaminate the bread crumbs and so to be safe, it is best to throw the crumbs away. If you do save them and use them again to bread something else, there's a possibility of contamination.