What is the difference between Iberico and Serrano ham?

What is the difference between Iberico and Serrano ham?

The difference is that serrano ham is normally made from a specific breed of pig -- Landrace breed of white pig. Iberico ham is processed in the same way as serrano ham and prosciutto, but its name is given based on the pig it comes from -- the Iberico pigs.

Which is better jamon serrano or jamon iberico?

Because the ham comes from different pig breeds, the flavor is different. Jamon Iberico has more fat, which causes it to be juicier than Jamon Serrano. The hams contain different fat types; Jamon Iberico has white, super soft fat, whereas Jamon Serrano's texture is more hardened pink-toned.

What's the difference between ham and Jamon?

The hams are packed in salt, smoked over fragrant hardwoods, and aged at least six months. ... Compared to other European hams, Spanish jamón has a more uniform texture, more intense flavor and is usually less moist because of the long curing stage. This is especially true of hams from acorn-fed Ibérico Bellota pigs.

Does Serrano ham need to be cooked?

Serrano Ham is an air-dried Spanish ham that does not need cooking. ... Consequently, Serrano Ham is more expensive than Prosciutto.

What do you eat serrano ham with?

Serrano ham is best enjoyed simply carved into slices as a tapa with a little bread and perhaps a drizzle of Spanish olive oil. Chunks of jamón can be used to flavour stews or to garnish chilled soups such as gazpacho or salmorejo.

How long will a serrano ham last?

Storing your serrano ham is simple. When you buy your ham it will be covered in rind and waxed. You can keep it just like this at cool room temperature for up to a year or so. Once you've started cutting your ham it is best to eat it within two to three months.

Can I eat serrano ham raw?

Perhaps the most iconic meat from Spain is Serrano ham, a cured ham that originated in the mountainous regions of Spain. ... Because it is cured, this salty greatness can be eaten raw, but of course many recipes ask for this special ham.

What does jamon serrano mean in English?

The term jamón serrano ("serrano ham", ham from the sierra, or mountain range) is regularly applied as an umbrella culinary term for all dry-cured jamón produced in Spain, as opposed to jamón de York, which is baked or boiled in salted fluid.

How do you eat a serrano ham?

To enjoy the flavor and texture of a fine jamón, slice the ham with a long sharp knife in the following order: first the rump half, then the rump end and lastly the shank. The meat nearest the bone is difficult to slice well, and can be cut into small chunks for use in soups and stews.