How long is clear soup good for?

How long is clear soup good for?

about three days

What's a good light breakfast to eat the day before a colonoscopy?

1 Day Before Your Colonoscopy (Prep Day) Before 10:00 am, you may have a small, light breakfast. Examples of a light breakfast are: eggs, soup or broth with noodles (no meat or vegetables), white crackers, white rice, white potatoes, white bread, Boost® or Ensure®.

Is peanut butter OK before colonoscopy?

Two to Three Days before Your Colonoscopy This means that you cannot eat: Whole grains: Including brown rice, whole grain breads and cereals, and high-fiber cereals and muffins. Nuts: Including peanuts, almonds, walnuts, chunky peanut butter, and breads or cereals that contain these or any other nuts.

Is chocolate a low residue food?

Foods to avoid: Dried fruits, berries, other fruits with skin or seeds. Chocolate with Cocoa Powder (white chocolate has no fiber) Popcorn. Nuts and Seeds.

Can you eat peanut butter on a low residue diet?

Crunchy peanut butter, jam, marmalade, and preserves. Pickles, olives, relish, sauerkraut, and horseradish. Popcorn. Fruit juices with pulp or seeds, prune juice, and pear nectar.

Can I eat a banana before a colonoscopy?

Potato without skin, pumpkin without skin, marrow/ squash, choko, avocado, mushrooms,ripe banana, apple with no skin, peach with no skin, pears, pawpaw, rockmelon, watermelon, canned peaches, apples, apricots and pears. All other fruit and vegetables, including salad vegetables.

Can I eat french fries before a colonoscopy?

Foods to avoid During this time, you also need to avoid foods that can be hard to digest or get in the way of the camera during your colonoscopy. These include: fatty, fried foods. tough meats.

Can I chew gum before a colonoscopy?

Do not chew gum or tobacco at least three hours prior to your arrival time. Chewing gum can increase stomach contents which increases the risk of anesthesia complications.