What is a good mixer with rye whiskey?

What is a good mixer with rye whiskey?

The unmistakable rye aroma and flavor, plus a touch of sweetness makes it a solid go-to in easy, refreshing drinks. Try topping it with ginger ale or shaking it with lemon juice and simple syrup for a Whiskey Sour.

What is the best Canadian rye whiskey?

Here are the best Canadian whiskies to drink now.

  • Best Overall: Forty Creek Confederation Oak. ...
  • Best Budget: Canadian Club 100% Rye. ...
  • Best for Sipping: JP Wiser's 18 Year Old Blended. ...
  • Best Splurge: Lock, Stock & Barrel 16 Year Rye. ...
  • Best for Manhattan: Pendleton Whisky.

Is Sazerac Rye hard to find?

Sazerac 18 is considered one of the best rye whiskeys you can buy, but with once-a-year releases of a limited supply, it's incredibly difficult to find.

What is a cheaper alternative to Crown Royal?

For a cheap alternative to Crown, I would go with Rich and Rare Reserve or Black Velvet Reserve. I personally like Rich and Rare Reserve a little more than the Balck Velvet Reserve. The R and R is cheap, like $12 a 750ml. Canadian Hunter isn't bad either.

Is Crown Royal a good sipping whiskey?

Crown Royal whisky is a medium bodied whisky, with enough mouthfeel to be enjoyed on its own, but it is also light enough for mixing. ... If you enjoy a smooth, sipping whisky with just the right amount of bite, Crown Royal delivers.

What is the best selling Canadian whiskey?

Crown Royal