What sauce is served with sushi?

What sauce is served with sushi?

Soy Sauce

What sauce is put on Unagi?

Unagi Sauce or Unagi no Tare (うなぎのたれ) is a special type of thick and sweetened soy sauce. Traditionally, it is commonly used on grilled eel or different dishes that feature grilled eel such as unagi don (Unadon/Unaju) or unagi sushi.

What eel sauce do restaurants use?

Kikkoman Unagi Sushi Sauce

What's eel sauce taste like?

Eel sauce has a multitude of flavors, primarily sweet, salty, umami and smoky. The savory and slightly salty tastes come primarily from soy sauce. Because of this specific combination of flavors, there is something distinctly like barbecue about eel sauce.

Can I use cooking sake instead of mirin?

Sake can be used as a substitute for mirin (with an added pinch of sugar), and vice versa. If you cannot get a hold of either, you can use sweet sherry or Chinese shiaoxing wine.

Do you need to be 21 to buy sake?

No, it would be considered alcohol, unless some company makes a version of sake for cooking that is salted to the point of being undrinkable, the same way cooking wine is. ... You might be able to purchase those as a minor in the same way you can sometimes buy cooking wines. They aren't exactly palatable on their own.

Can you use rice wine vinegar instead of mirin?

2. White wine vinegar or rice vinegar + sugar. ... The next best mirin substitute is white wine vinegar or rice vinegar. Both are very acidic, so you'll need to account for the sweetness of the mirin by adding 1/2 teaspoon of sugar per tablespoon of vinegar.

What grocery store sells mirin?

You can find mirin in grocery stores, Asian grocery stores, as well as international grocery stores. Find it in oil & vinegar aisle.