How many calories are in coleslaw dressing?

How many calories are in coleslaw dressing?

Nutrition Facts
Calories 55(230 kJ)
Cholesterol3 mg1%
Sodium140 mg6%
Total Carbohydrate4.

How many calories are in Kraft coleslaw dressing?

80 calories

How many carbs are in Kraft coleslaw dressing?

Kraft Creamy & Zesty Coleslaw Dressing
Total Fat4.

What is a serving size of KFC coleslaw?

KFC, Coleslaw
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size100 g
Amount Per Serving144
% Daily Value *

How many carbs and sugar are in KFC coleslaw?

KFC cole slaw (0.

Do seniors get a discount at Subway?

Many Subways have offered a 10% senior discount if you are 60 and over, every day. ... However, it cannot be combined with any other offer.

Does Lowes give senior citizen discounts?

No, Lowe's do not offers a special discount for senior citizens. However, there are other ways to save at Lowe's including both standing discounts and weekly offers from Giving Assistant.

Does Home Depot offer senior citizen discounts?

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RetailerHome Depot
DiscountPrice match guarantee
In-store or onlineIn-store or online
EligibilityNo age requirement
Discount availabilityEvery day