What kind of beans are butter beans?

What kind of beans are butter beans?

Butter beans, lima beans, dried lima beans, large limas, pocketbook beans, mule ears, the list goes on and on. These delicious dried beans go by a host of different names. The truth is, they're lima beans. Whether they're green, speckled, white, cream colored, dried or fresh – they're all varieties of lima beans.

What kind of beans are small white beans?

Small white beans, known as navy beans, are oval-shaped, ivory-colored beans that have a smooth exterior surface. One of the most common ways to prepare small white beans is in a baked bean recipe.

What Kind of Bean is Mayocoba?

Commonly known as Peruvian (Peruano), canary (canario) or Mexican yellow beans, Mayocoba beans are medium-sized, oval-shaped and pale yellow. Like many hearty beans, they're free of cholesterol, low in fat and high in fiber, protein and iron.

Can I substitute Northern beans for navy beans?

Substitute for Navy Beans Use equal amounts of: You can substitute Great Northern Beans (larger) OR - White Kidney Beans (Canellini beans) OR - Flageolet beans.

Can you substitute kidney beans for navy beans?

If you're willing to look beyond the color of your bean, there are many other varieties besides white beans that can taste equally as good in your recipe. Red beans, such as kidney or adzuki beans, are one option that can replace navy beans.