What can you do with muesli?

What can you do with muesli?

20 muesli recipes for a satisfying start to the day

  1. Bircher muesli with strawberry, almond and apple. ...
  2. Kombucha- soaked bircher with almonds and poached rhubarb. ...
  3. Apple and cinnamon granola with stone fruit skewers. ...
  4. Toasted berry granola. ...
  5. Grab and go muesli bars. ...
  6. Quick bircher muesli with raspberry sauce.

How effective is Muesli?

It's Good for Your Heart Muesli contains oat bran, which includes an oat fiber called beta-glucan. According to studies , beta-glucan can help reduce cholesterol levels by up to 10 percent. By eating muesli regularly, you'll be drastically improving your heart health.

How do you soften muesli?

Try heating the milk, then letting the muesli soak for a few minutes in the hot milk to soften it slightly, making it a bit more like oatmeal. You can also pour cold milk over the cereal in a microwave safe bowl, then heat the whole mixture in the microwave. Like cereal, it's also great to snack on all by itself.

Why is muesli expensive?

The smallest of the three sub-categories that make up breakfast cereals in India, muesli, at Rs 100 crore in market size, is also the most expensive owing to the high-fibre content that goes into it. ... Muesli is gaining popularity as consumers are increasingly switching to healthier lifestyles and food options.

Can you eat muesli on a low carb diet?

Start your day the low carb way A satisfying blend of crunchy oat and bran pieces and nutritious nuts and seeds, Atkins muesli makes a great breakfast. And with 60% less carbs, lots of fibre and 5.