Can you drink the stuff floating in kombucha?

Can you drink the stuff floating in kombucha?

Maybe you've also been wondering if this jelly-like substance is safe to consume. The answer is YES! The little jellies, as we like to call them, are condensed forms of the probiotic cultures found in kombucha. Some people drink the “baby” SCOBYs to get an extra portion of good probiotics.

How do you know if homemade Kombucha is bad?

The first and most obvious sign of spoilage is the presence of mold. It's rare and happens mostly with homemade kombucha or an old one that developed its own baby SCOBY (more on that below) on top, and mold started growing on it. If there's mold, throw it out.

How long can a scoby survive?

3 months

What do you do with your scoby after fermenting?

After 2-3 days remove your kombucha from the pantry (or your dark warm place) and place in the refrigerator. If your kombucha developed a baby SCOBY in the bottle, remove and toss and then drink. Do not leave your kombucha in the pantry past the 2-3 day period. It is very important to move it to the refrigerator.

Is homemade Kombucha dangerous?

While harm from home-brewed kombucha is rare, it is still worth considering when drinking and (especially) preparing kombucha. The issue is tied to the fact that most people in the world who drink kombucha are drinking a homemade product that is made from raw, fermented materials.