How much does pure vanilla cost?

How much does pure vanilla cost?

The average cost for pure vanilla extract is around $20 for an eight-ounce bottle, and the really good stuff can run even higher. Compare that to $6-7 for the same amount of imitation vanilla, and you can see why frugal bakers often turn to the cheaper stuff.

What is the best alcohol to make vanilla with?

What Kind of Alcohol is Best for Making Vanilla Extract? You can use any alcohol as long as it is 80 proof. The best and most popular choices are vodka, bourbon, brandy, or rum. Vodka is the most versatile because it has a neutral flavor.

Can I use GREY Goose vodka to make vanilla extract?

You can use any alcohol to extract the flavor from the beans. Vodka is most commonly used, as it has a neutral flavor and will not distort the pure vanilla taste. It does not have to be high quality, Smirnoff will work just as well as Grey Goose.

Can I use rum to make vanilla?

Vodka has the most neutral flavor, but you can also use bourbon, brandy, or rum to create unique extracts. There's no need to use a top-shelf or high-proof alcohol when making vanilla extract. An inexpensive 40% (80 proof) alcohol will work just fine.

Can you make vanilla extract without alcohol?

To make vanilla extract at home, you will need three simple ingredients: vanilla beans, food-grade vegetable glycerin, and water. ... Many online retailers, including Amazon, sell vegetable glycerin, which is perfect for non-alcoholic extracts. Just make sure that you're buying one listed as "food-grade."

Can you use Bacardi to make vanilla extract?

The simple answer is it really doesn't matter. You can use anything over 70 proof. My favorite store bought extracts use rum, and when I drink I usually prefer it. I tried both plain ol' Bacardi white rum and Smirnoff No.

What is the best vodka to make vanilla extract?

Corn Vodka If you've had these vodkas, then you'll understand why they are so popular. They are delicious and mix with just about everything, including vanilla beans. I made my vanilla with Tito's, which is a vodka that is distilled six times to give it a clean flavor all the way through.