What's the best cooler to buy?

What's the best cooler to buy?

Here are the best coolers:

  • Best cooler overall: Yeti Tundra 75.
  • Best budget cooler: Coleman Performance 48-Quart Cooler.
  • Best backpack cooler: Yeti Hopper 24.
  • Best soft cooler: Yeti Hopper M30.
  • Best tote bag cooler: CleverMade Cooler Tote.

Why are roto molded coolers so expensive?

Brand. Brand is the #1 reason Yeti coolers are so expensive. They cost so much because people are willing to pay more for a Yeti because the brand is desirable.

Why are yetis so expensive?

Yeti Coolers are so expensive because of the manufacturing process that they use to make them. They are made using rotomolded polyethelyne which is more costly, but it produces a more durable cooler that does a better job at keeping things colder for longer durations.

Are yetis worth the price?

In fact, Yeti coolers are overpriced. There are brands that make similar coolers with the same toughness and ice retention for a fraction of the price (usually around $100 cheaper)....Problem #1: Price.
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What cooler is equal to a Yeti?

Coolers Like Yeti-Performance Comparison
CoolerIce HeldPrice
Yeti Tundra 45 (37Q)33 lbs$$$
Pelican 4539 lbs$$$
Grizzly 40 Tan39 lbs$$$
Igloo Sportsman 4039 lbs$$

Is RTIC really as good as Yeti?

Based on several online reviews, many RTIC owners rate the brand's quality as very comparable to YETI, potentially making RTIC a great option if you're on a budget. If you're looking for a cheaper option, RTIC may be the way to go.

Are Yeti knockoffs as good?

They are just as good as Yeti in most aspects and are even sometimes better. They have plenty of unique features and have the quality of being very popular. But there are also cooler brands that you might not have heard of that do the job just as well as Yeti, or at least they try their best to come close.

Are lifetime coolers made in the USA?

Lifetime coolers are indeed made in the USA.

Are Cabela's coolers bear proof?

In summary, both YETI and Cabela's Hard Coolers provide great ice retention and they both are bear-proof, high-end coolers, differences are the small features such as YETI's Tie-down slots or Cabela's integrated bottle opener T-Latches.

What is the best cooler for ice retention?

With that, here are our top choices for the coolers that have the longest ice life:

  • Grizzly. Our Rating: For maximizing ice life, it doesn't get much better than this. ...
  • K2 Summit. Our Rating: ...
  • Pelican Elite. Our Rating: ...
  • Igloo Yukon Cold Locker. Our Rating: ...
  • Yeti Tundra Series. Our Rating:

Is a black cooler a bad idea?

The answer is yes, it can actually make a noticeable difference with lighter colored coolers holding ice about half a day longer than their darker colored counterparts.

Are soft coolers as good as hard coolers?

Hard sided coolers are stronger, more durable and can keep ice longer than soft sided coolers. They also come in larger sizes. But soft sided coolers are lighter and more portable which is better in some case.

Are soft coolers waterproof?

Most soft sided coolers are designed so that they don't leak when standing up but rarely are the zippers waterproof so if they get knocked over water can leak everywhere. Some soft coolers are so bad that the motion of carrying them makes water leak out of the zipper all over you.