Why do meringues weep?

Why do meringues weep?

Make meringue pie on dry, low-humidity days. Don't overbake your meringue! Overbaking causes the egg whites to shrink and squeeze out small droplets of moisture. ... Undissolved sugar in the egg whites can also cause weeping.

How do you know if cream of tartar is still good?

If you are unsure if the cream of tartar is still usable, try stirring a half teaspoon of the product into a half cup of warm water. Then, add a pinch of baking soda. If the mixture generates foam, the cream of tartar is still usable for baking, stabilizing egg whites and whipped cream, and so on.

What was salt of tartar?

: potassium carbonate especially : a pure form made originally by heating cream of tartar.

Is cream of tartar a preservative?

Cream of Tartar is an amazing natural preservative, while it is also used as acidity regulator and flavoring ingredient. In foods, cream of tartar is used as stabilizer, to prevent syrups from crystallizing and to reduce discoloration of boiled vegetables.

Can cream of tartar be used for cleaning?

Mix equal parts vinegar and Cream of Tartar for a wonderful non abrasive cleaner for nearly all surfaces. Cream of Tartar is an alternative to household bleach. Use it mixed with half as much vinegar or water anywhere you would use bleach. Mix with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to clean stubborn pots and pans.

What happens when you mix cream of tartar and vinegar?

(Please note some people expect when they combine cream of tartar and vinegar that it will bubble and fizz, like when you combine baking soda and vinegar, since cream of tartar and baking soda look similar. However, this chemical reaction does not take place when the paste is made with cream of tartar and vinegar.)